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What is Dead Simple Designs?

Hi there, my name is Matthew Miller. I do Web & and Graphic Design for small businesses in the Twin Lakes and surrounding areas. (Marion & Baxter County, AR, etc etc.)
Most of my sites are WordPress based, although a very open and widely used platform, can be easily learned by any everyday user. I provide easy to read, picture by picture
documentation of all of the websites I sell, so you, the business owner, have 100% complete control over your site, from your desktop computer or your smartphone.

Why “Dead Simple?”

Dead Simple, means two things in my book. “Dead Simple” is a mantra for me with web design, especially for small businesses. Sometimes, you don’t really need the overly
complicated website rig, top-of-the-line technology for your online business. Stick with the tried & true ways, the solid stable ways. Keep it Dead Simple. Simple for you.
Simple, that you can edit it, expand it, and keep it protected.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email,  for any inquiries. I will respond as soon I can get you.

I have experience with Google and Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Networking, WordPress, most addons for WordPress (including eCommerce and Reservation addons),
Windows, Windows Server, Linux, basic programming, Graphic Design, etc. etc.

For any other questions or comments please contact us through the information given below!

Matthew Miller